Ghosts of the past.


While resting in Six points the party met the nagaji they had liberated, an even dozen highly trained craftsman skilled in creating weapons, armor, and enchanting. They gave the party what little information they could about the de-facto lord of Dragonridge, explaining that he was an undead dragonman who had traded a great deal of gold for the contents of the chest, an absurd amount of onyx stones. The implications of this greatly unsettled Baron Adelhelm, who, with renewed purpose, set the party to taking back his home.

The party slipped past the Kobold guards and gained entrance through the secret exit of the castle that led into the maze of enormous tunnels left by the original dragon resident of the area. The Dragonridge family had set the tunnels up for their own use as a crypt and escape tunnel, and the Kobolds had re-purposed it further, filling it to the brim with noisemakers and traps of all description.

Carefully slogging through the traps was a tiresome, tedious process but eventually the party came across an area with several dead kobolds, and they experienced the harassment of a malevolent spirit. Inside the Dragon Ridge family Crypt itself they fought the spirit and its minion shadows, a tough fight that only Briggs was truly equipped to handle.

Despite their inexperience with such monsters, the party prevailed, and with some effort it became clear the malevolent spirit was none other than The ghost of the previous Baron of Dragonridge, adelhelms father. With his wits about him, the ghost explained that his body had been returned to the family crypt by his dutiful gripli buttler, and that the current holder of the castle was an undead dragonridge who had been ousted and attempted to take over the castle while he was alive, and had finally succeeded in death. With his fathers pride at learning he was a grand father (several times over) filling Adalhelm, he led the party through the tunnels to his family’s home.


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