Hillmeet Attack!


Settlers continued to flood the region after the party’s success in goblintown, surpassing all hopes and expectations. Patrols were organized, troops were trained, buildings erected and land made safe as a growing wave of enthusiastic people returned home, or arrived to claim new homes. With the road to Goblintown finished, settlers could safely travel from the lake to the interior, reclaiming more and more of the land with each passing day.

It was during this jubilant boom that Sir Gaius Welland arrived with a small group of veteran knights, all of whom pledged their oaths directly to Princess Aurelia. After a dramatic ceremony, T’karska was named Dame-Lady-Sir T’karska, champion of the Princess and first of the country’s knights.

Several letters came along with the knights, communications from King Lloyd and Lady Rohan, in particular. Both inquired as to the new kingdom’s name and the title of its leader. While King Lloyd warned of danger from unhappy members of his court, Lady Rohan offered (and insisted upon) her services in choosing a catchy nickname for Princess Aurelia, as the current leaders were ‘the Goblin Queen’ and ‘the Queen of Slime’

The party was also invited by King Lloyd to the winter festival in Hillmeet, a grand affair of magical weather and knightly tournaments. Taking both the king’s invitation and his warning seriously, the party trekked across the emerging snowfields of the Roselands winter.

Upon arriving in Hillmeet, the party left its merchant to conduct business while they went to meet with Lady Rohan at her town home. Upon arriving at the noble villa, however, the party was set upon by a savage force of Black Knights from the dragon, including traditionally trained heavy dragoons, lizardmen druids masquerading as horses, and a famed Arcane Archer. The battle was the party’s toughest, and when it was over lady De Burgh, Zyphon and T’karska’s giant mantis lay dead in addition to their enemies.

After the attack, the party was left scrambling to return their dead to life, while furious and flabbergasted that such an attack occurred on the front porch of the Kingdom of Thorns.


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