Lizardmen and Druids, the battle for Millpointe.

Session 11 9/27 [5/22/17]


After clearing out the Anchorage and learning the fate of Alvin, the land’s Master Librarian, the party returned to Goblin town by the teleportation circle they had discovered. After a a few days buying and selling items, Aurelia and the noble contingent were eager to return to Crossport and confront both the Countess and her false librarian, but Zyphon approached them with a bit of buisiness first. Zyphon had spoken with his tribes trader in Goblintown and learned of a problem for his people.

Zyphon’s tribe, the Dokbrod, were looking for a home for the winter. Two scouts had found a promising location in the abandoned town of Millpointe, but shortly after claiming the ruins a group of Breaker druids knocked over the claim marker and prepared to burn the ruin down. The Dokbrods took exception to their marker being unearthed and their claim being ignored, and quickly moved to punish the druids for their actions and save the town from the druids destructive agenda. Both the tribe and several groups of mercenaries and adventurers had been mobilized to retake the town, but none of them were in a position to respond immediately, the adventurers requiring two days to mobilize, and the tribe itself would only arrive after 2 weeks of travel, far too late to prevent the camps destruction. Somewhat reluctantly the party agreed to help Zyphon and his people secure a place for the winter.

After a three day journey the party arraived just outside of Millpointe to find that the city had been filled with combustibles and stacked with firewood to facilitate a massive blaze that reduce the city to ashes. Zyphon and the party met up with the Voti and Durgana, the Dokbrod scouts who had claimed the area originally, but were quickly attacked by the Breakers, who had been watching the scouts through their animal companions and magic.

The party defeated the breaker ambush, only to see flames licking the sky near the center of the town. The party rushed to put a stop to the fire before it consumed the town whole, while Durgana and Voti summoned a rainstorm to help keep the fire at bay.

Just outside of the town the party encountered the Breaker camp which contained not just the remaining breakers but charmed work crew and their controller, a water naga complete with her own opulent carriage home and personal Nagaji mage knight guard. The battle was a chaotic affair, the naga had hidden in the nearby river and used her magics to suggest and confuse the party while they fought her minions, but eventually the party won out, slaughtered the naga’s minions and sent the creature fleeing for her life down the river.

The party spent little time acclimating the dazed workers, instead rushing into the burning town itself where they fought the Breaker’s arsonist, an Ifrit Druid known as Burnwright and his hell hound companions. With adequate perpetration the party withstood both the flames of the town and the magics of the druid, and Burnwright was crushed beneath Baron Adalhelm’s earthbreaker.

The party fended off another raid by the Breakers the next day, and the day after they began a pitched two week battle as the Breakers brought in reinforcements, only to be countered by the Dokbrod’s mercenary forces. When the tribe arrived in full two weeks later, the breakers had been drained of much of their resources, and those that remained fled the area. Millpointe was firmly in the control of Zyphon’s people, and the Marseill had helped settle another tribe securely in westmoreland.


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