Loot! (2/18/17-3/12/17)


[[ If an item is in strikethrough, it is considered to be part of group loot and thus available to anyone who can use it. It is not being sold.]]

Group Loot
Canoe 80-100gp
3 arcane scrolls cure lt wounds
- longbox w/ staff of supplication
= stabilize
= purify water
= 2 cure lt wounds
- cure mod wounds wand
- scroll and potion box
= 3 lesser resto
= 1 restoration
= 1 raise dead
- ratty worn gloves that fly and heal

Longsword “Salt Blade” +17 w/ 1d6 desiccated dmg = 2d8 on a critical (15000 – 20000 gp)


What door?

2160 gp coinage
Jeweled scroll case 300gp
Hazy steel shield +1
Tattoo needles 400gp
Small sculpture brazier w/ Cynthiana flange 800gp
Diamond stud earrings 1000gp (800 gp just diamonds)

Head on! Apply directly to your head!!!!!

6 – cure mod
6 – bull strength

Chain mail +1
Wand of cure mod 20 charges
MW longspear

Gourd man Sickle: +1 bane plant Adamantine kama


Bork Bork Bork!

4000 gp in exotic herbs etc
4 potions cure mod
+1 buckler
2 +1 heavy crossbows
40 mw bolts
2 magic screaming bolts
Chain shirt
Formula list

Draggin Wagon

Wand of Ray of enfeeblement (49 charges)
Mistmail 2250
Scroll of waves of fatigue
4750 gp coins
1065 gp art
- sm silver ring
- lrg golden gorget
- diadem of chain
500 gp mandrake root (thanks Aurelia!)
860 gp mandrake root (Aurelia is awesome!)

1350gp from goblins at library


m_a_comfort m_a_comfort

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