Loot! (up to 2/5/17)


[[ If an item is in strikethrough, it is considered to be part of group loot and thus available to anyone who can use it. It is not being sold.]]


Who lives in a boggart under the sea?

5x Morningstar
5x suits leather armor
Canoe 80-100gp
Waterproof eel bag w/ gilt +100gp
- worthless paperwork
- garnets 450gp
- 300 go mixed coinage
- ring of swimming

= 3432g 5s


Kill the bunyip, kill the bunyip…!

1300 gp coins, gems, & gilding
2 scrolls
- gust of wind
- control water
Fan token
2x swan boat tokens

= 2750g

Danger Noodles!

Hand of the Mage
Wand of Floating Disk *40 charges
300gp coinage
900gp item collection (gold compass)

= 1212g 5s

Unda da Sea

Adamantine dagger

= 2250g 5s


Terrible Lizard!

3 sm longspears
30 sling bullets +1
3 sm exotic saddle
3 arcane scrolls cure lt wounds

= 21g 1s

This land is my land, and also this land, and you get no land…

1080 gp coinage
1 jeweled silver fishing hook 200gp
1 jeweled gold fishing hook 300gp
1 jeweled platinum fishing hook 500gp

4 boxes
- longbox w/ staff of supplication
= stabilize
= purify water
= 2 cure lt wounds
- cure mod wounds wand

- scroll and potion box
= 3 lesser resto
= 1 restoration
= 1 raise dead
- ratty worn gloves that fly and heal

= 2080g

GRAND TOTAL: 11,746g 6s/ 6 = 1,957 gp 7sp
DISBURSED 12/31/16



No Ritual Animal Slaughter of Any Kind!

3600 gp gold and jewels
Jeweled Star Brooch 1200gp
Bracers +1
Longsword “Salt Blade” +17 w/ 1d6 desiccated dmg = 2d8 on a critical (15000 – 20000 gp)

= 5300g


Or He’ll make you his mare…!

Chain shirt +1
Whip +1
Battle axe +1
3 scrolls
- calm animal

= 1885g 5s


Give a hoot about owl bears!

3 suits of sm mw leather armor
3 sm mw buckler
3 sm mw short swords
3 sm mw lt crossbow
60 bolts
Wand of erase (10 charges)
Oils, inks, paints, brushes, quills (600gp)

= 2124g


16 gp coins

= 16g

Hoppin’ and boppin’ to the crocodile rock

1 (3) arcane shatter
2 (3) divine soften earth and stone
3 (2) divine plant growth
4 (2) divine rusting grasp
5 (1) arcane transmute rock to mud
6 (1) divine transmute rock to mud

Wand of warp wood (50 charges)
Adamantine Pickaxe
8 tree tokens

A whole shit ton of druid spell components
750gp of crocodile pelt

= 14779g

GRAND TOTAL: 14779g 5s/ 6 = 4017gp 4sp



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