Session 9 9/23 [4/9/17]


The party had agreed to a sit down with the Goblintown leadership to discuss plans for the future. The goblins provided a proper Westmorelands banquet of various forms of rice and vegetables, as well as crayfish, fried alligator, pork and chicken. The goblins however partook of many items, mostly inedible.

The goblin leadership was comprised of Bookworm, the loremaster and leader, Rustle, the head scout, Crash-crash, the lead engineer, and Block-knocker the fully psychotic war chief.

Plans were made for the future, with a cautious Bookworm discussing ways for his people to exist under the leadership of the Moritz family as Marseille, as no existing country would tolerate the existence of Goblintown. Aurelia agreed easily, letting her advisers deal with the unimportant tasks of logistics, cultural integration, and defense.

To help solidify her claim as Marseille, Aurelia mediated a conflict between two lizardman tribes, the Needlebacks and the Brownclaws. The tribes were arguing over a particular piece of rocky land and its winter use. Aureilia was able to gather the representatives of the tribes together without them knowing it, and learned the details of the conflict over ale at two adjacent tables at an inn. By the time the tribal leaders realised they were in each other’s presence, Aurelia was already halfway through a surprisingly reasonable peace plan. Stunned at its simplicity and effectiveness, the two parties agreed, leading to a rousing evening of drinking and celebrating.

Briggs during all of this was not doing well at all. So deep was his distress that the Wanderer sent him a vision of his boat, or at least, a strange jabberwocky creature that collected boats.

With plans for a new nation of tribes and landholders emerging, the party left Goblintown to find the real archives, only to be attacked by knights loyal to the dragon and several ogres. The fight was no mean feat, and though the powerful ogres fell victim to Lady De Burgh’s spells, her family’s traitorous knights, including Halga who had spared the party at Hitchingham, proved much tougher opponents to take down.

Despite being well equipped and well trained, the knights eventually fell to the combined physical and arcane might of the party, earning them great treasure to return to Goblintown with. This included a fabled De Burgh family relic, a bastard sword wielded by generations of De Burgh spellblades.

After another day in Goblintown resting and selling their prizes, the party tried once again to reach the small farm north of the city said to contain the real dragon archives.


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