On the Way to Goblintown

Session 8 9/21 [3/?/17]


After defeating the lizardmen of the Brownclaw tribe, the party set off for the lands of Master MacGregor, a farmsteader whose farm was home to the gourd leshies. True to their prisoner’s word, the farm was controlled by a Brownclaw alchemist, several warriors and a nasty wyvern. Just as the party was to begin its ambush, however, a massive bear smashed into the farm and rent their enemies limb from limb.

After the slaughter, the bear assumed the form of a massive, barrel chested druid named Ursus, who enjoyed speaking about himself in the third person. Ursus was a member of the Crooked Path, the organization of which Ssar’ssarreen served as prophet. Accompanying the bear-man was the prophet herself, leading to a reunion between Ssar’ssarreen and T’Karska.

T’Karska tried to reassure a dubious Ssar’ssarreen of Aurelia’s status as the Dragon of Roses, while the princess made a perfectly terrible mess of the farm’s remaining chickens, which resulted in a horrific dinner for Ursus and little comfort to Ssar’ssarreen. The prophet returned this discomfort to the heroes in the form of some dire prophecies, in particular that the Adelhelm ancestral castle had been taken over by kobolds enspelled by an undead Dragonridge risen from the castle’s tombs, and that Briggs would never receive his promised boat from the countess.

The dinner did more than incapacitate the large druid, however. For ‘knowing her place,’ Ursus awarded the party the Brownclaws’ treasure. Beyond the gold and gems of the lizardmen, the party also received the services of a dressage trained axebeak who replaced Poindexter the giant gecko as T’Karska’s mount.


The reunion over and the way clear, the party finally made their way into Goblintown, the sight of which (and its greeting song) would last with them a good long while.The party quickly split apart: Lady De Burgh and Baron Adelhelm buying and selling equipment, T’Karska and Aurelia investigating the library, said to hold the Moritz archives, Zyphon caught up with his clan’s trader, and Briggs went about the town in a sad, drunken stupor.

Aurelia opened the archives, which turned out to be a dummy vault protected by dozens of traps, doors and wards and containing only a note explaining that the true archives rested in a farm north of town. The goblin engineering team tasked with opening the vault knew that the vault could only be opened by the Moritz princess, and soon Bookworm, the loremaster leader of Goblintown, invited the party to a proper, traditional Westmorelands luncheon, which Aurelia happily accepted on behalf of the party. Without consulting them.


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