Reclaiming Home


On the final door to the castle from the tunnels, the party found something from the Kobold leader, but rather than a trap they found an offer. The Kobold Leader, who called himself Bone Dancer, claimed that he was not under the same level of control as the undead Dragonridge thought, and that when they fought him, his kobolds would assist in exchange for the ability to leave the castle without further harm.

Despite the Kobolds proclamation when the party arrived in the castle they found the kobolds waiting upon the ramparts about them, drums in hand. WIth a tremendous banging the kobolds brought out their greatest weapon, a pair of incredibly large snapping turtles, each one easily as big as a rampart itself. The fight with the turtles was brief but eventful, with Zyphon being swallowed by one, only to tear his way out in a shower of turtle gore. The others felled the remaining turtle, which saved T’karska from a journey down the gullet of the remaining turtle, just as the Undead Dragonridge lord arrived, with eight forest drake companions of his own.

It was then that the Kobolds made good on their claim, the music rising to a truly incredible volume, the power of the kobolds bards aiding the party’s attacks, while the noise made casting spells much more difficult for all, an action targeted upon the arcane casting of the Undead Dragonridge.

The battle that followed amid the din was wide spread over the castles grounds, with teeth, claws and acid clouds all around in equal measure. The Kobolds had opened the gates, allowing T’karska’s dinosaur to arrive, which she mounted (very dramatically from the dead turtles mouth) and proceeded to wind and weave a path of destruction across the far ranging battlefield. The undead Dragonridge kept out of the throes of battle as best he could, flying about and casting powerful destructive spells, but a breath weapon line proved to tempting and he landed, nearly killing Briggs and Zyphon in with the resultant blast.

On the ground, the undead Dragonridge fell victim to Baron Adalhelm’s most lethal attack, his net. Wrapped in the modified fishing net and anchored to the raging Adalhelm, the undead lord of the castle was truly unable to escape. After a great many blows and a failed spell, the undead offered one last spiteful act, and blew himself apart with a fireball, nearly killing much of the party in the process.

After the work of Howard and Briggs, the party dazedly recovered to find the Kobolds fleeing with exceptional alacrity. Within five minutes they were out of the castle. In ten they could not be seen….

And the castle was theirs, the first part of Westmorelands returned to its people.


m_a_comfort moongirli

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