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Session 1 9/5 [11/20/16]


After 7 years and six months of exile, the Countess Moritz finally approached her daughter with a plan for Aurelia to gain her title.
Rather than explain her plan to her daughter, the countess simply instructed her to find five people and bring them back to her. Those people were:

Adalhelm Dragonridge: a fellow noble in exile, Aurelia found him fixing his roof and managing his many small children.

Zyphon: a Lizardman tracker who was found catching fish and seagulls with a friend.

Briggs: a dwarven sailor and cleric of the Wanderer, found tending to the Wanderer’s dockside shrine.

Lady Catherine: Aurelia’s friend and fellow young noblewoman, who left with Aurelia to flee from her betrothed.

T’karska: a Nagaji warrior sworn to Aurelia’s service.

Once the group returned to the countess, she quickly had her summoner attack them with outsiders. The group quickly ended the fight by threatening the summoner and countess, rather than fighting the summoned monsters.

The countess bemoaned the lack of participation in her ‘audition’ but explained her plan to have Aurelia claim her title, which involved retrieving a document left behind in Westmorland.

However, the countess had encountered a problem where healing supplies, brought from the swamps, were being held hostage by a Troglodyte band. The band, led by a former agent of the Countess known as Hooknose, were not only ransoming the healing supplies but also the ship and crew she had sent to retrieve them.

Despite the countess’ attack, lack of transparency, and inebriation, the party agreed to form as she had requested. Briggs secured transport to the abandoned fishing town of Hitchingham, where the band was camped out. To do so, he contacted the dock council, and an agreement was made that a ship would take the party to Hitchingham in exchange for them clearing out whatever singing menace had taken up residence in the treacherous rock formation of Six Points.

The party set off the next day. Shortly after casting off from Crossport the ship the party was on was attacked by boggards. The toad people were killed to a man and their wealth divided among the party, including a large dugout canoe.


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