Hooknose in Hitchingham

Session 3 9/9 [12/18/16]


The party requested to be dropped off about a day’s walk of Hitchingham, on the other side of Dragonridge. Thanks to Baron Adelhelm’s knowledge of his land, the party made excellent time and reached Hitchingham early the next day in a rainstorm.

Zyphon used his superior stealth and swimming ability to scout out the area, discovering The Cygnus, covered in oil and ready to be lit aflame. He also found eight troglodytes living in the remains of the town, with several constantly tending a bonfire which struggled against the rain. Zyphon also saw a group of kobold lizard-riders head out into the swamplands from Hichingham.


Once Zyphon reported his findings, the party moved quickly to track down and defeat the riders while they were separated from the rest. The riders turned out to be a coven of kobold witches, however they fell quickly to the party without the aid of their troglodyte companions.

The party then circled around and swam toward the docks of HItchingham, intent on putting out the struggling fire before the battle began. The party, with Zyphon’s aid, was able to swim stealthily up to the docks, but just as they approached, Lady Catherine’s dress got the better of her, and announced their presence. Despite this, Briggs was more than close enough to douse the flame with his Create Water spell, saving The Cygnus, its crew, and the treasures the troglodytes had stored aboard from a fiery demise. The troglodytes, led by the druid Hooknose, put up stiff resistance, but once the flying Hooknose had been snared in Baron Adelhelm’s net, the battle was over.

Not long after defeating the troglodytes, the group was approached by a dangerous looking party of lizardfolk and an ogre, led by a human knight in black armor. Recognizing Lady DeBurgh, the knight introduced himself as Halga, a man-at-arms once loyal to her family. Halga, however, now served the dragon, having become a turncoat along with fifteen other DeBurgh warriors, so that Maberax would spare their lives. Rather than attack the party, Halga allowed them to leave on The Cygnus and instructed them never to return. Weakened from their battle with the troglodytes, the party opted to leave when given the chance.

Along with the gratitude of The Cygnus’ remaining crew, the party acquired the Countess’ healing supplies, which were many and powerful. Mixed in with them was a strange pair of gloves, in ragged condition, that animated and provided additional, albeit weak healing abilities. With all that they had been sent to retrieve made safe, the party set sail for Crossport, arriving in only two days.


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