The Breakers retaliate


After several weeks of preperations and travel, the first of the returning men and women of westmoreland were situated in a small enclave at Dragonridge. The tiny city was bustling with activity and bursting with people, the sleepy liitle border garfrison now the first foothold of the burgeoning [name pending]

The princess made a biizzare order which piggybacked on the first merchant that the city recieved, an assimar archanist from the otherside of the world named [mike].

After the trader got a proper and confusing greeting bybthe party, an unnatural fog rolled in, followed shortly by a flurry of seagulls, and finally two enourmous hippo like creatures escorted a writhing mass of termites that stained the earth brown and black with their sheer numbers. More swarms of insects began to be summoned inside tge castkes walls, and it was clear to the party [but not the unfortunate trader] that the Breakers were making a move to destroy Dragonridge castle.

The breakers had chosen their war engine well, the party, which could fell the largets foes and cow the strongest wills had no good attack against the swarms. The trader, however, did and he quickly roasted the swarms inside the castle.

Once zyphon identified the correct seagull he assualted it as a stork, leading to a fast battle of claws and shape changing. A combination of Zyphons attacks, the traders magic and the parties notorious brutality brought down the druid and his beleagured animals.

With the threat over, Aurelia rcignized tge Trader as a member of the Scalecrackers, a tribe famous for its ferociousness and its taste for dragon flesh. She invited the powerful arvanist to stay and trade in Dragonridge, in exchange for the chance to fight maberax and his supporters. Seeing an oppertunity for both profit and revenge, [mike] accepted.


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