The Journey to Dragonridge.

Session 13 10/26 [7/9/17]


Rather than risk traveling to Dragonridge on an easily spotted vessel, the party instead crept along the rocky, treacherous coast where the Dragonridge met the Losslake. After making good time amid the noisy, wet rocks and stones the party heard monstrous calls and blood curdling screams up ahead, and found an overturned cart surrounded by Chupacabra, viscous blood sucking monsters whose numbers had been left unchecked now for years.

The Chupacabra, however, proved to be little more than playthings for Tkarska’s newest mount, a foul tempered Stycosauras that loved nothing besides the feel of flesh being squashed beneath his feet and torn amid his nightmarish ridge of horns. With the chupacabra either dead or driven off, the party met with the individuals in the carraige, a group of surprisingly well dressed men who claimed to be adventurers.

The adventures were three young nobles from the Kingdom of Thorns, adventuring in Westmoreland for loot and pleasure. The Grakalings, which was their family name, hailed from the opposite end of the kingdom, and thought nothing of taking the spoils from what had once been their fellow country man. Baron Adelhelm educated the youngest of the brothers about proper decorum regarding the Princess, and the three begrudgingly left some of their loot with the party, and left westmorelands with their lives intact, if not their dignity.


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