These Kobolds are no joke


Despite their care and skill in navigating the trap-filled dungeons under the castle, the party finally tripped an Explosive Runes spell hidden upon a scrap of dusty paper just before the entrance to the castle proper. Having navigated all the other early warning systems successfully, the Kobolds were left to scramble for their response, and before their kill team arrived Lady DeBurgh had incapacitated their black dragon guard with her fascinating Cackle spell.

The Kobold’s response team was invisible, consisting of skulking fighters, tricky divine casters and a sorcerer. Aurelia blocked the sorcerer’s line of sight with a smoke bomb, which prompted a kobold to do the same to Lady DeBurgh with a smoke stick, leaving the chaotic battle to take place in a very small space in a tunnel between the two smoke filled corridors.

Used to taking down foes with their weapons, the party charged forward, only to find the Kobolds especially difficult to pin down. Although some fell to the combined strikes of Zyphon, Brigs and Adalhelm, more fled from the terror magics of Lady DeBurgh.

Ironically, a similar, but more powerful terror spell was Lady DeBurgh’s undoing, the sorcerer, when he could finally see his enemy counterpart, cast Phantasmal Killer, and Lady DeBurgh experienced her worst fear, a ghostly wedding with an enormous cake and her moronic betrothed. Her heart couldn’t take the strain, and she simply died. The party quickly brought the sorcerer down, but death was beyond Briggs or Howard’s ability to heal.

While the main battle was going on, Aurelia and T’karska had been fending off the dazed dragon, the well coordinated fighters felling the large and dangerous beast before it could bring its mighty breath weapon to bear in the tunnels narrow confines. With the dragon and their enemies dead, the party found The castle’s esteemed butler, who was clearly charmed by the undead master of the castle to continue to perform his duties. Even after seeing that that the son of his master had returned, the butler was reluctant to help him against the undead Dragonridge, so strong was his enchantment.

Although the party was victorious, with hundreds of Kobolds still above them as well as the undead lord of the castle, the party was in desperate need of its arcane caster. The decision was made to use the raise dead scroll, the original healing treasure they were sent to get by the countess at the beginning of their adventures, upon Lady DeBurgh. With their sorceress resurrected and a nights rest in the sealed off crypt, the party ascended into Dragonridge Castle.


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