The slog

Session 7 9/19 [2/19/17]


After leaving Wandermire, the party began the long and dull journey through Westmoreland to Goblintown. Taking the remains of the primary east/west road, the journey was made at an excellent pace, albeit through a dreary, unrelenting rain.

The party encountered a bit of excitement when moss trolls slipped past T’karska and Aurelia and dropped onto the party. They attacked with a set of horribly mutated dogs known as trollhounds, but Lady De Burgh stopped the hounds with a well timed and very brave color spray. Without their hounds, the trolls were put to the flame easily enough and the party resumed their journey in the morning.

Another uneventful day of travel followed, and a peaceful night the party found quite welcome. In the morning the party left the road they’d been following and began the offroad part of their journey to Goblintown.


While walking through a wooded area, the party began to hear the jingle of a tiny silver bell. With some effort the party located the sound, discovering a Gourd Leshy with a bell attached to his neck. The vapid creature insisted he was untrackable, right up until his pursuers caught up with him, a group of lizardmen from the Brown Claw tribe.

The princess took a liking to the dumb little creature, and a battle ensued in which the lizardmen were killed, with only a single surrender.


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