Victory at Goblintown


On a chilly late fall night Dragonridge was approached by a single running Goblin, who collapsed from exhaustion while the guards summoned Baron Adalhelm and Aurelia. The goblin had a message for the Marseille, stating that goblin town was being attacked by a terrible flying toad creature, and the Goblins needed the Marseille and her champions with all haste.

Runon, the goblin messenger, explained between struggling breaths that 20 goblins had been dispatched to deliver the letter to the marseille by the most direct route, but strange tentacle monsters had waylaid them. The goblin war party fought the creatures so that Runon could escape with the message. Using a variety of transformative magics, the party made the long and treacherous journey directly through the swamp at a breakneck pace.

Early in the second day of travel the party came upon the tentacle monsters that waylaid the goblins, a bizarre and horrific amalgamation of squid and lobster known as chuuls. The chuuls were not prepared for the sheer brutality of the party, and their thick carapace plates were no match for the party’s heavy weapons and magics. The chuuls died quickly, and after looting their absurd ‘decorations’ the party moved on at its incredible pace.

The party reached Goblintown that evening, two full days before the boggards believed they would be capable of. What the evil toad people had intended to be a massacre was turned into a pitched battle with the goblins while their awful toad-god Mobogos fought the arriving heroes. The heroes triumphed over the mobogos, despite that morning’s fight against the chuuls, and provided the Boggard army with the slaughter it had come for.

When the battle was over and every tone-deaf voice in goblintown was raised in celebration, aurelia ascended the stairs of the library and received a crown of origami.
The nation’s first coronation.


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