We don't talk about the Anchorage.

Session 10 9/25 [2/23/17]


The party found the Archives in the old Dragon Anchorage, which, despite being nearly two hundred miles north, was accessible by a teleportation circle hidden in an old granary in an unremarkable farm. In the old ruins they found the body of Alvis, proving that the old summoner working with the countess was in fact an imposter. The party also found Ilbus, the sentient knowledge spirit that is the Master Librarian’s companion and constant servant of the Moritz family, as well as a fortune in properly harvested and preserved dragon scales. The party took the dragon scales but left Ilbus, as the spirit was bound in a summoning circle and would leave the plane if he were removed.

Nothing else happened.

At all.


m_a_comfort m_a_comfort

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