Aurelia Moritz, Princess and Acting Marseille

The Most Fantastic


Aurelia, in Court garb, is all about the no-muss no-fuss. She keeps her hair short and spiky, and her clothes, which appropriate enough to please her mother the Countess, are dedicated to easy movement and flowing layers under which she can hide various weapons.




Aurelia was born to privilege. Doted on by her father and sometimes-tolerated by her mother, she had the best of all things, from food to tutors to connections. As a little girl, she enjoyed playing dress-up and being ‘princessy,’ pleasing her mother to no end. Her father, a dedicated scholar, would host her in the library, watched over by Ilbus and Alvin, sometimes pausing to teach her the best hide-and-seek spots, or how to ferret out the best information from the many books.

Shortly after the loss of her father and the terrible fracturing of the land, Aurelia was sent to the Academy, as the Countess believed (rather rightly so) that the princess would find no proper husband in Westmorland, especially as they were blamed for the event. At the Academy, Aurelia worked on the War track, and also in Linguistics, which was how she met Emmileigh, Linguist of Hillmeet. The ‘love of her life’ – for about five minutes – was faculty, an expert in using her tongue, and quite the cunning linguist. When Aurelia annoyed another noble girl a bit too much, they were caught in flagrante delicto and Emmileigh was summarily dismissed from her post. Aurelia was punished, too, only not nearly as heavily, allowed to stay on at the Academy for another year.

Aurelia Moritz, Princess and Acting Marseille

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