Ilbus and Alvin

Spirtbound librarian duo


The Master Librarian has served the Moritz family since the first man to bear the name became Marshal of the dragon’s forces. A title rather than a person, the mantle of master librarian is passed from person to person at the behest of Ilbus, the spirit of knowledge bound to serve the Moritz family for all time.

An ancient spirit created by the dragon lords as a repository of knowledge and wisdom, Ilbus chooses his summoner, and that person fulfills the duties of master librarian until their death or until the eidolon chooses another summoner.

The current Master Librarian is a long suffering and loyal retainer of the Moritz family named Alvin. Well into his twilight years, Alvin has been forced to abandon most of his books and hock his talent as a paper maker and identifier to make ends meet. Alvin runs an identification shop and cafe of sorts in the auction house, which he calls the Verb and Noun.


Ilbus and Alvin

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