Sir Gaius Weland

Moritz knight-retainer


A knight sworn to the service of the countess of Westmorland, Sir Weland was a common foot soldier who proved his mettle in the days of The Princess’ grandfather. The Count at the time rewarded Gaius for his loyalty and skill with the title of knight and formal sponsorship into the Order of the Purple Rose.

Looked down on as lowborn in the knight academy, Weland earned his place by beating the highborn knights, who had trained their whole lives in the knightly pursuits, at every opportunity. He was without equal in his swordsmanship, horsemanship, and his jousting ability. Past that he studied well into the night to learn etiquette, heraldry, and battle theory. When he returned to his home in Westmorland he was known as the greatest knight in the Count’s service.

All that did him little good when Maberax attacked. The black dragon ate his horse, blasted him with acid and bit off a large chunk of his hip. Weland can now walk, but he does so shakily and prefers to ride his horse as much as possible.

The scarred warrior bears a special distinction as the only warrior known to fight directly with the dragon and live. Once again that honor does him little good as he whiles away his remaining years as the head of the Countess’ dwindling men at arms.


Sir Gaius Weland

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