Seizing the Sea Bitch.
Session 14 10/27 [8/6/17]


When the party arrived in Dragonridge Aurelia and Zyphon did a through scouting of the area, finding a highly organized group of Kobolds numbering in the hundreds, with small black dragon mounts, patrols, powerful guardians and a slave workforce of Nagaji craftsman in a recently built workshop in the tiny dockside town outside of the castle’s walls. The Kobolds had been their for years setting up their defenses, with the most obviously daunting being several Minotaur guarding the town and watching the nagji slave-workers. The Minotaur were led by a hellish minotaur horror out of the very depths of the abyss, whose winged being positively dripped evil everywhere he went.

Despite the danger, the party made it their first priority to secure the Nagaji slaves and the town, lest something befall them while they took the castle. Luck was with the party, as the land’s usual sporadic rain turned into a massive downpour, allowing the party to sneak up to the village without being noticed. Or so they thought.

When they arrived at the village the party found a ship in port, a light three masted catamaran which bore the flag of the Taerolian Empire, and a grisly crew of undead.


The captain, a human cleric of the Father was overseeing an exchange with his enormous zombie storm giant companion, which he used as a crane fixture. The Kobolds, the minotaurs and the cleric were all focused on the proceedings, giving the party the perfect oppertunity to ambush them all.

And then Lady Deburg noticed the snake in her hair, and her panicked scream brought the gaze of every creature in the area.

The fight that followed was brutal. The minotaurs were powerful foes, especially the abyssal leader who smote Baron Adelhelm down with a tremendous overhand strike, the very stuff of hell flowing into the wound. A single kobold, far deadlier than the multitude that ran off, appeared partway through the combat and used his spells and craftiness to great effect as well, before being crunched beneath Brig’s hammer.

Through the first part of the battle, Lady Deburg had kept the cleric contained with her controlling magics, but when he finally resisted them, his massive zombie entered the battle, its blows causing the whole town to shake and nearly crushing Zyphon’s jaguar form into jelly.

By the grace of Brig’s healing, the tenacity of Aurelia and the skin of their very teeth the party defeated all their enemies and lay, battered but living, upon the wet stone of the dock. When they were able to the party loaded up an enormous chest, the nagaji slaves, and all the loot they could find onto the Tearolian ship, and brigs, commanding the skeleton crew, took them out to water in the storm. The party then rested at six points for a day and a night, healing their wounds, counting their booty, and meeting their newest allies.

The Journey to Dragonridge.
Session 13 10/26 [7/9/17]


Rather than risk traveling to Dragonridge on an easily spotted vessel, the party instead crept along the rocky, treacherous coast where the Dragonridge met the Losslake. After making good time amid the noisy, wet rocks and stones the party heard monstrous calls and blood curdling screams up ahead, and found an overturned cart surrounded by Chupacabra, viscous blood sucking monsters whose numbers had been left unchecked now for years.

The Chupacabra, however, proved to be little more than playthings for Tkarska’s newest mount, a foul tempered Stycosauras that loved nothing besides the feel of flesh being squashed beneath his feet and torn amid his nightmarish ridge of horns. With the chupacabra either dead or driven off, the party met with the individuals in the carraige, a group of surprisingly well dressed men who claimed to be adventurers.

The adventures were three young nobles from the Kingdom of Thorns, adventuring in Westmoreland for loot and pleasure. The Grakalings, which was their family name, hailed from the opposite end of the kingdom, and thought nothing of taking the spoils from what had once been their fellow country man. Baron Adelhelm educated the youngest of the brothers about proper decorum regarding the Princess, and the three begrudgingly left some of their loot with the party, and left westmorelands with their lives intact, if not their dignity.

Return to Crossport, an enemy revealed.
Session 12 10/12 [6/4/17]


After securing Millpointe for the Dokbrod the party finally began its journey back across the wall to return to Crossport. On their return trip they encountered a family of trolls using an exotic water monster, an Auizotl, to lure creatures and travelers to their doom. The party was not like the troll’s previous prey, however, and despite grevious wounds inflicted by the Trolls claws the trolls, their auizotl pet and their gaggle of hungry child-monsters were all put to the pyre.

Upon their return the party confronted the false Librarian, who expressed deep amusement that the group had confirmed he was an imposter, but could not guess as to his true identity. “I was afraid this was too much of a cliche” A deep, inhuman voice echoed from the not-Alvin, who freely admitted to being Maberax in disguise. His magic made all of the party’s increasingly desperate attempts to harm him meaningless, with Baron Adelhelm, Zyphon, and Aurelia particularly stymed in their desire for blood. The Black Dragon was undaunted by the attempts to harm him, and did his best to have what he considered a civilized conversation, though only Lady Deburg was truly listening.

Maberax explained that he was auctioning off Westmoreland to the highest bidder, with The Naga Empire, the Tearolian empire, and the Kingdom of Thorns all countering each others offers for the land. He offered to include Princess Aurelia in the bidding at a substantial discount ‘because he liked her’. He further assured the party that their efforts to create their own nation were most welcome, as it both increased the general value of the property, and created a time limit for the bidding.

The dragon left after his words and proposals continually fell on deaf ears, though the revelation of his identity put many things into a new light. The countess had been dominated by the Dragon scarcely a month after Maberax’s feast, meaning that all the divination and investigations into those left behind were almost certainly falsified, while decisions that increased the rift between the nobility and the countess were likely intentional. The countess’ drinking was a direct result of her domination and amounted to her only act of resistance to the dragon’s control. Most disturbing for Areulia in particular was that the dragon had intended to raise her as his own, and only her mother sending her to the Academy saved her from such a fate.

With the truth out and the Countess finally free of her control, the enormity of the party’s task had become bare. Not only would they have to rebuild their nation from the ashes the dragon had left, but they in truth knew even less about the state of their loved ones and their nations than they had believed. With a renewed determination, the party set out to Dragonridge Keep, intent to take Adahelms ancestral homeland from the kobolds and undead that had claimed it, and use it as the starting point to renew their nation.

Lizardmen and Druids, the battle for Millpointe.
Session 11 9/27 [5/22/17]


After clearing out the Anchorage and learning the fate of Alvin, the land’s Master Librarian, the party returned to Goblin town by the teleportation circle they had discovered. After a a few days buying and selling items, Aurelia and the noble contingent were eager to return to Crossport and confront both the Countess and her false librarian, but Zyphon approached them with a bit of buisiness first. Zyphon had spoken with his tribes trader in Goblintown and learned of a problem for his people.

Zyphon’s tribe, the Dokbrod, were looking for a home for the winter. Two scouts had found a promising location in the abandoned town of Millpointe, but shortly after claiming the ruins a group of Breaker druids knocked over the claim marker and prepared to burn the ruin down. The Dokbrods took exception to their marker being unearthed and their claim being ignored, and quickly moved to punish the druids for their actions and save the town from the druids destructive agenda. Both the tribe and several groups of mercenaries and adventurers had been mobilized to retake the town, but none of them were in a position to respond immediately, the adventurers requiring two days to mobilize, and the tribe itself would only arrive after 2 weeks of travel, far too late to prevent the camps destruction. Somewhat reluctantly the party agreed to help Zyphon and his people secure a place for the winter.

After a three day journey the party arraived just outside of Millpointe to find that the city had been filled with combustibles and stacked with firewood to facilitate a massive blaze that reduce the city to ashes. Zyphon and the party met up with the Voti and Durgana, the Dokbrod scouts who had claimed the area originally, but were quickly attacked by the Breakers, who had been watching the scouts through their animal companions and magic.

The party defeated the breaker ambush, only to see flames licking the sky near the center of the town. The party rushed to put a stop to the fire before it consumed the town whole, while Durgana and Voti summoned a rainstorm to help keep the fire at bay.

Just outside of the town the party encountered the Breaker camp which contained not just the remaining breakers but charmed work crew and their controller, a water naga complete with her own opulent carriage home and personal Nagaji mage knight guard. The battle was a chaotic affair, the naga had hidden in the nearby river and used her magics to suggest and confuse the party while they fought her minions, but eventually the party won out, slaughtered the naga’s minions and sent the creature fleeing for her life down the river.

The party spent little time acclimating the dazed workers, instead rushing into the burning town itself where they fought the Breaker’s arsonist, an Ifrit Druid known as Burnwright and his hell hound companions. With adequate perpetration the party withstood both the flames of the town and the magics of the druid, and Burnwright was crushed beneath Baron Adalhelm’s earthbreaker.

The party fended off another raid by the Breakers the next day, and the day after they began a pitched two week battle as the Breakers brought in reinforcements, only to be countered by the Dokbrod’s mercenary forces. When the tribe arrived in full two weeks later, the breakers had been drained of much of their resources, and those that remained fled the area. Millpointe was firmly in the control of Zyphon’s people, and the Marseill had helped settle another tribe securely in westmoreland.

Loot! [9/17/17 - 12/10/17 ]


Princess Dandyridge Brandywine

Chest of Shit Ton O’ Money: 15000 gp

Walls of Supplies (3 Build Points)

14000 gp of art and jewelry

Ashes of Baron Dragonridge
Headband of Cha +2
+2 Belt of Giant Strength
+1 longspear
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Cloak of Resistance +1
Ring of Protection +1

= 39152.5/6 = 6525g4s


Kut Rate Mersenaries

Wand of Cure Light Wounds (48 charges)
Wand of Remove Disease (3 charges)
4500 gp


Tastes Great, Less Bugs

wand of rusting grasp 50 charges
wand of warp metal 50 charges
wand of warp wood 50 charges
4 scrolls of earthquake
+1 hide armor
+2 hvy wooden shield
headband of intellect +2


Mmmmm, chewy…

196 gold and various petty cash
+1 acidic greatsword
Mithril chain shirt +1
full plate +2
Dwarven waraxe +1
Hvy Steel Shield +1
Belt of Con +2
Belt of Str +2
650 gp of salvage

Bongo Solo!

+1 hide armor
30000 of rainbow roses
30 rose bulbs



These are my people, you jackholes!

+1 hide armor
Cloak resist +1
Mw bastard sword
Amulet mighty fisting

+1 full plate
+1 HVY STEEL shield
+1 hvy mace
Mw lance Cloak resist

1 breastyplate
+2 mighty composite longbow w/ +1 str bonus (
Arrow of slaying (human)
Ring of prot +1
Cloak of Resist +1
mw greatsword
headband of int +2

  • 122366/6 = 18061gp
    DISBURSED 11/26/17*

Make Way for the Big Dudes

Bounties 4500

+1 rapier
mw lt crossbow
+1 studded leather
cloak of resist +1
potion of cure mod
tanglefoot bag
potion of invis
2x vials of small centipede poison (90 gp per dose)


+1 rapier
mw dagger
2x vials of blue whinniss (120 gp per dose)
2x vials of wyvern poison (3000 gp per dose)
+2 studded leather
Belt of Dex +2
Cloak resist +1
Ring Prot +1
mw theives tools
3 sunrods
Elixir of hiding
Potion of cure srs
potion of invis
sm vial that says “Drink Me” (tears of death 6500 gp)


The Hidden Treasure of Some Dead Guy

1000 gp diamond
4000 gp ruby
20 gp gem (pale lavender ioun stone – 20000gp)

  • 61,796.5/7 = 8828g1s ea
    DISBURSED 1/7/2018*
We don't talk about the Anchorage.
Session 10 9/25 [2/23/17]


The party found the Archives in the old Dragon Anchorage, which, despite being nearly two hundred miles north, was accessible by a teleportation circle hidden in an old granary in an unremarkable farm. In the old ruins they found the body of Alvis, proving that the old summoner working with the countess was in fact an imposter. The party also found Ilbus, the sentient knowledge spirit that is the Master Librarian’s companion and constant servant of the Moritz family, as well as a fortune in properly harvested and preserved dragon scales. The party took the dragon scales but left Ilbus, as the spirit was bound in a summoning circle and would leave the plane if he were removed.

Nothing else happened.

At all.

Loot! [4/9/17 - 8/6/17]



Brienne and the Ogres

Satchel of 1400 gp gold and gems
Magical horn of fog
Bastard sword of de burgh +1 spell storing
Full plate +1
Hvy steel shield +1
2 mw javelin
Boots of springing and striding

Great sword +1
Full plate +1
Mw throwing axes

= 2307G3S


Nothing can defeat the penis!!!

+1 mithril buckler of blinding
+2 mithril slick chain shirt
+1 Morningstar
Ring of counter spells
Ring of protection +1
Cloak of resistance +1
Rod of Metamagic lesser extend
Wand of mage arbor 50 charges
Scroll of dismissal
10000 gp dragon scales


Breaker breaker

- mw battle axe
- short sword
- 2 javelin
- +1 studded leather armour
- banners of rapid recovery

Fire bad, tree pretty

5x sets of above
Cart 1k gp
Silk pillows etc 400 gp
1001 gp gems & gold coins
Naga cooker 3500 gp

Mithril buckler
+1 trident
+1 chain shirt

Headband of Wesson +2
Ring prior +1
+1 hide arbor
2 scrolls burning hands
2 scrolls fireball
lead Scroll case 100 gp


Trolls and things

-435 gold in change and silver trade bars

-Simple silver band: 40gp
-Goldring with small opal:130gp
-Adamantine dwarven ring with an emerald cut into the shape of a tankard: 470gp
-golden amulet with amber decorations:170gp

Total gold and art: 1,245gp


3 potions
-remove curse
-remove disease

Bag of holding type one filled with:
- 250 feet hemp rope
- 30 feet chain
- a sledge hammer
- 200 nails
- 10 pitons
- 3 grappling hooks
- 100 wooden planks

= 6704G7S EACH



Fear and respect that chupacabra!

+1 Defending Bastard Sword


Welcome to Aurealiaville, population: lots o’ dumb skeletons

4 +1 lrg suits leather armor
4 mw greataxes
suit of +1 lrg studded leather armor
+1 greataxe

sm +1 chain shirt
2 vials of alchemist’s fire
2 smokesticks
2 flasks acid
2 tanglefoot bags
sm punching dagger

mw longsword
mw buckler
+1 chain shirt
wand of sending (25 charges – 4th lvl cleric)

butt-ton of onyx = 30k gp(ish)

= 5794G3S EACH



Deaded Bliss

7 scrolls of vanish
7 scrolls of shield
7 scrolls of ray of enfeeblement
7 scrolls of slow
7 scrolls of lightning bolt
headband of charisma +2
cloak of resist +2
ring of prot +1
wand of haste (5 charges)

12 +1 sm daggers
2 sm +2 chain shirt
2 scrolls of slow
2 scrolls of lightning bolt

2 sm +1 chain shirt
2 sm mw punching daggers
4 flasks of alchemist’s fire
4 flasks of acid
3 smokesticks

Dragon’s Treasure Horde: gold, gems, and art pieces = 15700 gp

Session 9 9/23 [4/9/17]


The party had agreed to a sit down with the Goblintown leadership to discuss plans for the future. The goblins provided a proper Westmorelands banquet of various forms of rice and vegetables, as well as crayfish, fried alligator, pork and chicken. The goblins however partook of many items, mostly inedible.

The goblin leadership was comprised of Bookworm, the loremaster and leader, Rustle, the head scout, Crash-crash, the lead engineer, and Block-knocker the fully psychotic war chief.

Plans were made for the future, with a cautious Bookworm discussing ways for his people to exist under the leadership of the Moritz family as Marseille, as no existing country would tolerate the existence of Goblintown. Aurelia agreed easily, letting her advisers deal with the unimportant tasks of logistics, cultural integration, and defense.

To help solidify her claim as Marseille, Aurelia mediated a conflict between two lizardman tribes, the Needlebacks and the Brownclaws. The tribes were arguing over a particular piece of rocky land and its winter use. Aureilia was able to gather the representatives of the tribes together without them knowing it, and learned the details of the conflict over ale at two adjacent tables at an inn. By the time the tribal leaders realised they were in each other’s presence, Aurelia was already halfway through a surprisingly reasonable peace plan. Stunned at its simplicity and effectiveness, the two parties agreed, leading to a rousing evening of drinking and celebrating.

Briggs during all of this was not doing well at all. So deep was his distress that the Wanderer sent him a vision of his boat, or at least, a strange jabberwocky creature that collected boats.

With plans for a new nation of tribes and landholders emerging, the party left Goblintown to find the real archives, only to be attacked by knights loyal to the dragon and several ogres. The fight was no mean feat, and though the powerful ogres fell victim to Lady De Burgh’s spells, her family’s traitorous knights, including Halga who had spared the party at Hitchingham, proved much tougher opponents to take down.

Despite being well equipped and well trained, the knights eventually fell to the combined physical and arcane might of the party, earning them great treasure to return to Goblintown with. This included a fabled De Burgh family relic, a bastard sword wielded by generations of De Burgh spellblades.

After another day in Goblintown resting and selling their prizes, the party tried once again to reach the small farm north of the city said to contain the real dragon archives.

On the Way to Goblintown
Session 8 9/21 [3/?/17]


After defeating the lizardmen of the Brownclaw tribe, the party set off for the lands of Master MacGregor, a farmsteader whose farm was home to the gourd leshies. True to their prisoner’s word, the farm was controlled by a Brownclaw alchemist, several warriors and a nasty wyvern. Just as the party was to begin its ambush, however, a massive bear smashed into the farm and rent their enemies limb from limb.

After the slaughter, the bear assumed the form of a massive, barrel chested druid named Ursus, who enjoyed speaking about himself in the third person. Ursus was a member of the Crooked Path, the organization of which Ssar’ssarreen served as prophet. Accompanying the bear-man was the prophet herself, leading to a reunion between Ssar’ssarreen and T’Karska.

T’Karska tried to reassure a dubious Ssar’ssarreen of Aurelia’s status as the Dragon of Roses, while the princess made a perfectly terrible mess of the farm’s remaining chickens, which resulted in a horrific dinner for Ursus and little comfort to Ssar’ssarreen. The prophet returned this discomfort to the heroes in the form of some dire prophecies, in particular that the Adelhelm ancestral castle had been taken over by kobolds enspelled by an undead Dragonridge risen from the castle’s tombs, and that Briggs would never receive his promised boat from the countess.

The dinner did more than incapacitate the large druid, however. For ‘knowing her place,’ Ursus awarded the party the Brownclaws’ treasure. Beyond the gold and gems of the lizardmen, the party also received the services of a dressage trained axebeak who replaced Poindexter the giant gecko as T’Karska’s mount.


The reunion over and the way clear, the party finally made their way into Goblintown, the sight of which (and its greeting song) would last with them a good long while.The party quickly split apart: Lady De Burgh and Baron Adelhelm buying and selling equipment, T’Karska and Aurelia investigating the library, said to hold the Moritz archives, Zyphon caught up with his clan’s trader, and Briggs went about the town in a sad, drunken stupor.

Aurelia opened the archives, which turned out to be a dummy vault protected by dozens of traps, doors and wards and containing only a note explaining that the true archives rested in a farm north of town. The goblin engineering team tasked with opening the vault knew that the vault could only be opened by the Moritz princess, and soon Bookworm, the loremaster leader of Goblintown, invited the party to a proper, traditional Westmorelands luncheon, which Aurelia happily accepted on behalf of the party. Without consulting them.

The slog
Session 7 9/19 [2/19/17]


After leaving Wandermire, the party began the long and dull journey through Westmoreland to Goblintown. Taking the remains of the primary east/west road, the journey was made at an excellent pace, albeit through a dreary, unrelenting rain.

The party encountered a bit of excitement when moss trolls slipped past T’karska and Aurelia and dropped onto the party. They attacked with a set of horribly mutated dogs known as trollhounds, but Lady De Burgh stopped the hounds with a well timed and very brave color spray. Without their hounds, the trolls were put to the flame easily enough and the party resumed their journey in the morning.

Another uneventful day of travel followed, and a peaceful night the party found quite welcome. In the morning the party left the road they’d been following and began the offroad part of their journey to Goblintown.


While walking through a wooded area, the party began to hear the jingle of a tiny silver bell. With some effort the party located the sound, discovering a Gourd Leshy with a bell attached to his neck. The vapid creature insisted he was untrackable, right up until his pursuers caught up with him, a group of lizardmen from the Brown Claw tribe.

The princess took a liking to the dumb little creature, and a battle ensued in which the lizardmen were killed, with only a single surrender.


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