Killer Croc!

Session 6 9/18 [2/5/17]


The party met the day after the festivities, a few nursing hangovers, to finally cross the wall and begin their journey to Goblintown. The group was short Aurelia however, and a long meandering journey retracing the heir’s beds and partners for the last several hours eventually led them to the wall, where Aurelia had (perhaps unwittingly) secured them passage over the fortification.

Aurelia was free of a hangover, but was instead still profoundly drunk when the party scaled the wall and entered Westmoorland. Not long after cresting the wall, Baron Adalhelm and Zyphon, who knew the area well, were perplexed to see the remains of Wandermire, a small travel stop, were suddenly being swallowed up by a small forest that had popped out of nowhere.

The party was convinced to investigate, and after finding a similarly beset farm and dealing with its Owlbear occupants, the party made the half day detour to Wandermire. When they arrived they were set upon by a flock of cocatrices who called the abandoned inn their home.

Once the foul creatures had been dealt with the party found Wandermire picked clean by scavengers. Everything was as it had been, except a small forest was swallowing up the town.

Baron Adelhelm, who had been searching for crocodiles since climbing the wall, found an even dozen of the creatures in a recently formed swamp around a shrine to The Wanderer. In addition to the clutch of crocodiles, a massive two headed behemoth crocodile reared its heads. Overconfident and inebriated, Aurelia charged the creature, which promptly snapped her up in its wicked jaws, chewed her, then spat her to the ground. It was a miracle that she lived long enough after that to be healed, especially given T’karska’s ‘care’ up to that point.

Once dead, it was discovered that the creatures were guardians for the Breakers, a druid sect obsessed with destroying all traces of infrastructure from the area. The shrine had become a storehouse for the group, and in addition to the terrain altering treasures the shrine held in secret a minor relic of The Wanderer, a pair of boots bequeathed to Briggs.

After a day spent resting and smoking crocodile meat, the party resumed its journey further into Westmoreland to Goblintown.


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