Loot List 1/7/18 - 5/13/18


The Hydra That Almost Wasn’t

boat (not salvageable)
lesser metamagic rod of focus
lesser metamagic rod of bouncing
lesser metamagic rod of reach
headband of cha +4
ring of prot +1
+1 mithril buckler
+2 chain shirt
+1 lt crossbow
30 bolts
MW morningstar


Doughnuts Tainted By the Spawn of Darkness

6x +1 scimitars


equestrian plate
+1 spell-storing lance
+2 large steel shield
ring of protection +1
ring of jumping (minor)
3x mw javelins


That’s a big bitch!

5x lrg greatswords
5x lrg half plate
1 lrg chain shirt
1 lrg MW scythe
Rod of enemy detection
Wand of hold person (48 charges)
2x beads of force



Not So Dangly in the Dell

12 rings of protection +1

3x +1 rapiers
2 +1 daggers (drow made)
+4 fire resist 10 mithral chain shirt
+3 quarterstaff/staff of fire
belt of con +2
headband of cha +2
ring of protection +1


Mother…Bitch! and the Amazing Spider-Drow

headband of wisdom +4
scarves +2 glamoured mithril chainmail (med)
spider mask of the skull

100g worth of mithril

4x mw heavy ace
4x mw mighty composite longbows +2 str bonus (600 gp each)
1400 gp jewelry

10337gp each
DISBURSED: 4/1/2018


Not a Pot to Piss In

3x longswords +1
4x suits of leather armor +1
mithral chain shirt +1
lrg wooden shield +1

suit of full plate

There ain’t no strings on me!

6000 gp gems
5000 gp gold filigree

bracers of armor +4
Cloak of resistance + 4
ring of prot +2
robe of arcane heritage


Merry Band of Seawater Skanks

dagger of venom
ring of animal friendship
gem of brightness

hoard of gemstones 43500 gp


Skip to the Lou

Mithral full plate of speed w/ mw armor spikes (double price)
3x javelins of lightning
Belt of phys perf + 2
Glove of storing (with cure srs wounds at max lvl (3d8 + 15)
Quick runner shirt
Dusty rose ioun stone
Amulet of nat armor + 1
Cloak resist + 1
Ring of prot + 3
2x falcata + 2 furious (+ 3 cost)

I Hate This Prophecy

+2 intrastate (double price)
+2 returning spear
+1 Kingswood
+1 cold iron dagger


That’s How You Make a Juggalo

Lantern of revealing
Gem of Amara Brightness

We Didn’t Steal, We Bargained
(aka sometimes, the fall kills you, and sometimes when you fall, you fly)

trident of fish command
+2 returning net
ring o protection +3
amulet of nat armor +3
boots of springing and striding
seahorseshoes (horseshoes of the zephyr)

56698gp 8s each
DISBURSED: 6/6/2018


m_a_comfort moongirli

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