Six Points

Session 2 9/6 [11/27/16]


The party had set out to Hitchingham aboard a fishing vessel to confront the troglodyte Hooknose. Little did they know that for passage, Briggs had arranged with the Dock Council to stop by Six Points and clear out the dangerous rocky area. For nearly 2 years something had been luring ships near the hazard with a powerful, hypnotic song.

Despite the precautions of the party and the vessel’s crew, several fell under the sway of the enchanting tune. Only by dropping the anchor did the Baron save the ship from meeting its end on one of Six Points’ shallow reefs.

After steadying the boat, the party approached the largest spire of Six Points in their dugout canoe, believing it to be the origin of the song. They fought a set of three bunyips that were drawn to their scent. When they arrived at the spire, they were also set upon by a harpy.

The harpy fight took place on the spire’s steep slope. Despite the harpy’s flight advantage, the party brought her down. High in the spire, the party found a rocky warren, which contained the harpy’s mate, as well as two enormous sabertooth toads, known to Dungeoneers as slurks. Better prepared than in their first encounter with the song, the party easily resisted the hypnotic music, and slayed their foes. The harpy’s treasure, no doubt scavenged from the many wrecks they had caused, was divided amongst the party.

Not wanting to leave the area before they had fully explored it, the party convinced the ship’s crew to stay an additional night. They set out the next day to investigate two other places of interest within Six Points: an island in the reef, and a floating shelter constructed of shipwrecks.

The island held the remains of a scrapped lighthouse project. Within the site’s foundation and its discarded masonry blocks, the party found a group of goblin snakes and their viper minions. Despite being greatly outnumbered, the party dispatched the snakes and their masters, acquiring the goblin snakes’ wealth for their own.

Lastly, the party approached the shelter made of shipwrecks. The seemingly abandoned place in fact contained several traps and a single resident: an undine sailor who had been first mate of one of the wrecks. In exchange for rescuing her from her exile, the undine bequeathed to them some treasure and assisted with the reclamation of her ship’s sunken cargo, in this case much gold and an adamantine dagger.

With Six Points clear of monsters and their packs heavy with treasure, Our Heroes resumed their trip across the Losslake to Hitchingham, intent on confronting Hooknose.


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