Mephits in the basement!

Session 4 9/12 [1/1/17]


The party returned to Crossport aboard the Cygnus, to much accolades from the locals for clearing out Six Points. Their packs heavy with treasure, the party quickly began to peruse the adventurer markets of the city for equipment in preparation for their journey to Goblintown. Although they had intended on a speedy departure in order to avoid an upcoming formal event, Lady De Burgh traveled east with her family to consult an oracle regarding their turncoat warriors. De Burgh’s absence forced the party to await her return before leaving again.

Briggs was offered a captain’s position aboard Llyr’s newest vessel. Zyphon returned to his witness, Zemo, to discover Zemo’s predicament regarding some stolen and butchered horses. Aurelia returned to causing trouble for her mother. T’Karska resumed her training with Sir Weland. Baron Adalhelm was welcomed home by his wife and family. _ (Wait, he has a wife?!)_

So warm was the Baron’s welcome, in fact, that he asked his wife what she needed. Sure enough, the Baroness had run into a problem when she attempted to summon a mephit to watch her children swim. She informed her husband that the water mephit went crazy and quickly summoned more of its kind, who in turn summoned additional mephits, until they burst through her wards and took over the basement. The Baron assembled the party to clear this nuisance out of his home.

Upon entering the basement, the party found not a group of mephits waiting for them, but a hole tunneled through the floor of the basement, leading to an ancient set of tunnels beneath the Baron’s home. Upon further investigation, the party found a great deal of necromantic ephemera in the remains of a partially collapsed workshop. Once in the tunnels, the party was attacked by a handful of mephits who had sealed the way further into the tunnels with a wall of ice. After a surprisingly brutal (and noxious) fight, the party killed the mephits, searched the ruins, and knocked down the strangely disintegrating wall of ice.

On the other side of the wall was the mephits’ enemy: a strange mummy that was mostly calcified into salt. The abomination was watched over by two salt mephits who quickly roused the creature to dispatch the party. Another surprisingly brutal battle ensued, with the salt mephits and the mummy forcibly draining water from the party’s very bodies. The party proved triumphant once again, earning a great deal of gold from the workshop’s canopic jars, a strangely magical sword, and additional square footage for the Baron’s home.

With the Dragonridge household secured, the group resigned itself to attending the upcoming party, as Lady De Burgh would be returning too late to avoid it.


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