The world the Roselands reside upon has as many names as it has peoples who live upon it. While the wide world is much of a mystery to the ordinary inhabitants of the Roselands, most such people can look into the sky and see a familiar, shifting expanse that tells the time, the seasons, and according to some, even the future.

The sky’s three most prominent features are the sun, the moon, and the road.

The sun and moon are both fairly standard, but the road is a line that crosses the sky at all times, running east and west. The road follows closely along the sun’s path, and as such tends to sparkle brilliantly with oranges and purples, especially at sunrise and sunset. At night the road is a line of twinkling, shifting motes smaller than the stars in the sky, and disappear entirely when he moon is dark.


The moon can often be visible in the evening or morning depending on the time of year, and it goes through a standard lunar cycle. The most prominent aspect of the moon is the moon star, a flashing light that is only visible when the southern half of the moon is dark. Depending on where in the lunar cycle the moon is, the moonstar can be seen quite clearly. Unlike the other stars in the sky the moonstar often changes color, sometimes thrive in a single night, while other times It will shine one color for years. Amateur diviners forecasters of all kinds attempt to predict the future based on the stars color. The known colors have been red, white, blue and purple, with occasional times where the moonstar flashes rather than shines continuously.


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